Longford Hill Apartments

Status: Complete 

Client: Albatha/Romano Developments

Architect: Romano Property Group 


With a position on the corner of Thames and Station Streets, the Longford Hill Apartments have been named after the beautiful Longford River - a tributary waterway which was built for King Charles in 1938, flowing from the iconic Thames River in England as a water supply for Hampton Court Place. 

This iconic, architecturally designed building consists of 78 apartments over 5 levels.  

Case Study

The project was situated amongst a flood prone zone and therefore careful pre-planning with civil engineers and council engineers was required to ensure this was controlled both ethically and safely. An existing barrel drain dissecting the site meant easements affected the efficient layout of the project. The project team designed and diverted an upgrade of the existing 600 diameter stormwater main to a 1350 diameter stormwater barrel drain to the North of project to allow free use of the remainder of the site.

The area of easement also incorporated a cascading overland flow path to circumnavigate flood waters in the case of 1in100 year storm or greater. A Biofilta stormwater treatment system was also used upstream to all roof and balcony catchment areas to ensure that stormwater run-off was being treated ethically and cleanly in being used as grey water for irrigation and toilets before being discharged to stormwater mains in the event of overflow.

The project was a leading project in flood and stormwater management during its construction and showcased the abilities of the group to handle biodiversity, environmental and engineering controls in construction.