The History of CRC Group

CRC Group is a second-generation family enterprise, embracing innovative building practices and solutions to meet the changing needs of the dynamism of the building sector. In order to meet these challenges, the company has appointed a number of highly talented personnel who underpin the management structure, geared towards achieving long-term growth.

Today, CRC Group can successfully deliver just about any construction project.


Our Approach

CRC Group is a diverse, integrated construction solution embracing a wealth of experienced construction professionals with an eye to the future and long-term partnerships.

The construction industry is one fraught with risks, but CRC Group is an enterprise that can be trusted with its focus on integrity, innovation and diversity. Surrounding ourselves with people who value similar goals and virtues ensures we continue our service excellence long into the future.

About Claudio Romano

About Claudio Romano

CRC Group’s Managing Director, Claudio Romano, leads a highly motivated team of construction professionals. Claudio’s hands-on management style, motivation, support of project teams and long-term strategic perspective ensure the timely achievement of project objectives.  

Claudio holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from La Trobe University, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Melbourne.  

Claudio is a fellow of CPA and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Since 2001 under his leadership, the Group has delivered more than 35 projects across the residential, commercial, industrial and medical sectors within the Melbourne metropolitian region.