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Cannatella is being reinvented with a modern twist

When it comes to sleek industrial apartment living, Cannatella is set to become the benchmark. With its strong and vibrant history, Cannatellas’ history dates back to the 1950, where Margharita Accardi and Guiseppe Cannatella migrated to Australia from Sicily to unveil the iconic Cannatella Emporium at 625 Sydney Road, Brunswick.


Industrial sophistication combined with contemporary class brings Cannatellas’ memorable experience a place of exclusivity. Like it’s historic predecessor, Cannatella is in a prime location on Sydney Road, providing multicultural roots from all across Europe and culinary sensations such as Asian-inspired Po’s Kitchen, Brunswick Mess Hall to boutique beers and rustic pizzas.

Cannatella residents will enjoy modern sophisticated living with retail, nightlife, green spaces, cafes and bars located along Sydney Road.

A boutique development with clever designs to maximise space, Cannatella is somewhere you will love to come home to.

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